2016 GRADUATION SPEECH: The Future Is in Our Hands

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June 19, 2016
Season’s Greetings
December 19, 2016

2016 GRADUATION SPEECH: The Future Is in Our Hands

We stand here today on the precipice of the future. It's not a distant reality anymore. It begins here. It begins today.

The 20 and 16 of you began school at SHALOM as children, but you're leaving here today as adults.

You've completed a basic education that will serve as the platform to launch yourselves into your futures. Some of you will go on to college, others will go straight into university, but each of you must travel his own path.

No matter where you go or what you do, there are challenges ahead of you. What I'm asking from each of you, is to meet those challenges straight on with your head held high and your heart wide open. It's not enough to simply try to get by in life. That doesn't move the world forward. You must try to excel in everything you do; strive for excellence in every task, large or small.

Although it may not be easy to see, every accomplishment you achieve is added to the world's accomplishments. Your individual successes benefit society as a whole because when you succeed, you lighten the burden on your fellow man. When you succeed, you are in a position to give rather than take.

Imagine if every individual lived up to his or her own potential. Think about how amazing that would be, and how much better off the world would be. Now imagine if just half of those individuals lived up to their potential. The world would still be an awesome place. If even 1/4 of those individuals worked to make their lives successful, they could still make some amazing contributions to society.

Well, we may not have the power to inspire the entire world to strive for success, but we do have the power to try to achieve it for ourselves. My challenge to each of you, is to do all that you can do to reach your full potential. If each of the 20 and 16 students in this graduating class is able to do that, just imagine the effect that would have. The future is truly in your hands, so make the most of it.

And now, as my few moments come to a close…

I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles…

To the highest of your hopes…

To the windows of your opportunities,

And to the most special places your heart has ever known

Congratulations and God speed Class of 2016.

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