At Shalom Child Education Centre we set high standards of learning and celebrate the achievements of each child. We are the No.1 centre of excellence in early childhood education, behavioural pattern and character formation. We Play, learn, and grow together.

We have Full Montessori Curriculum . Excellent Teacher-Student Ratio . High-Quality Learning Space . Preparatory Programme . Individualized Lesson Plan .

Classes available include: Playgroup . Kindergarten . After-School . Pre-Nursery . Nursery .

At the pre-nursery and nursery level, toddlers are formed into playgroups and are taught to identify shapes, colours and numbers. They are carefully and gradually introduced to the letters of the alphabet. By using teaching aids and fun learning sets, they are smoothly taught to read and write.

At Shalom Child Edcuation Centre, we believe that every child is endowed with great potential and talent and these have to be discovered earlier in life, nurtured with passion by both teachers and parents.

We understand that the essence of education is not to stuff children with facts but help them discover their uniqueness and develop it ...

Mrs. Edak Henshaw

Our school Motto “laying a solid foundation” permeates everything we do.

Shalom College is an integrated unit with structured programs which offers continuity, stability and progressive development. Classes include :
  • Junior Secondary School One JSS1.
  • Junior Secondary School Two JSS2.
  • Junior Secondary School Three JSS3.
  • Senior Secondary School One SSS1.
  • Senior Secondary School Two SSS2.
  • Senior Secondary School Three SSS3.
Shalom respects the individual needs of children; fosters a caring and creative environment; and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each child.

Our major goal is to develop and empower students with the knowledge and skills to become leaders who will have the confidence to bring their skills to bare anywhere and anytime those skills are required or expected.